Make-Up Policy

We are focused on providing the best swim lesson experience possible. When you enroll your child at BDSS, your lesson time is held exclusively for your child each week. You are paying to secure your child's lesson/class, not their attendance. The consistency of attending your scheduled lesson/class time is one of the keys to our program. 

However, we recognize that conflicts do arise occasionally. To address this, BDSS has a make-up policy that has been designed to be both fair and user friendly for the rare occasions when conflicts do arise. The policy is as follows:

Effective February 1st, 2017 we have re-structured our missed lesson policy. As of February 2017 every student may miss a total of 6 lessons, no questions asked. The missed lesson policy operates on a calendar year (December 1st to December 1st). A 24 hour notice is no longer required, however, we still appreciate being informed via email of a missed lesson.

For our BDSS families that have a balance of make-ups from 2016, we are carrying over up to 5 make-ups. The make-ups must be used by June 1st, 2017. This does not affect your ability to participate in our new make-up policy.

As you have in the past, the Parent Portal or a phone call to the office will be your access to booking make-ups. Make-ups are booked no more than 7 days in advance. Remember make-ups need to be used by December 1st and any not used will be voided (they will not roll-over to a new calendar year).

There is NO make-up for a missed make-up.

A credit cannot be issued for a missed lesson/class.

Make-ups are based on space/time availability; teacher requests cannot be taken for make-up lessons. Due to the low instructor/student ratio, we cannot guarantee the availability of a make-up lesson/class.

If you are finding that you must miss your regularly scheduled lesson/class more than on rare occasions, we would be happy to find a new lesson/class at a more convenient time. Please inquire about options with our office staff. 

Reminder: Make-ups are based on availability and not guaranteed.

WEATHER and/or POOL CLOSURE: If there is inclement weather (snow) and BDSS closes, you will receive an email regarding the closure by 7:00 am (for morning session) and 2:00 pm (for afternoon session). Furthermore, BDSS will post on Facebook if we are open or not due to inclement weather. If BDSS must close the pool for any other reason, we will notify you via email and Facebook


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