No more than 10 people will be allowed in the pool area at any time.

Swimmers and coaches should check their own temperatures at home before arriving at facility. Temperature should read 100 degrees or lower.

Swimmers must wait outside the building in their respective cars or at the assigned area, and will then stagger into the building with swimsuit, cap, goggles and towel/robe only.

Swimmer will be asked to bring their own equipment (fins, kickboard, pull buoy etc)

Hands must be sanitized prior to entering the facility. There will be sanitizer outside the front door for use.

Masks are required when entering and exiting the facility, but may be taken off right before swimmers get in to the pool. This includes instructors who are out of the water, office staff and coaches on deck.

Swimmers will make their way to the pool without touching any doors. Coach, lifeguard or authorized personnel will open doors.

Swimmer will head directly to their assigned lane, disrobe, jump into pool and begin warm up.
Gear bag towel and robe will be at the end of the lane.
If two swimmers are immediate family, they can share 1 lane. They will need to start at opposite ends of the pool, and finish where they began.
Swimmers are asked not to touch coping throughout lesson. However, they can use it to exit the pool.
Coach’s will be responsible for disinfecting that surface every 60 min., as well as the racing blocks.

Showers will be roped off and are not to be used at this time.

Bathrooms and changing stalls will be available for use if necessary.
After a bathroom or a changing stall has been used, please turn the sign on the outside of the door to “dirty”. Please only use bathrooms that have been marked “clean”.

At 3 minutes to the hour swimmer will be asked to exit the pool and the facility through the door nearest them. Swimmer on the east side of the pool will exit through the east door and swimmers on the west side of the building will exit through the locker room on the west side.