Classes for All Ages


Competitive Swim Instruction


One-On-One Coaching


Certified, friendly instructors


Swimming is not just a fun activity, it's a life skill!


We believe that every child should learn to feel safe and comfortable
in the water, and we offer a variety of swim lessons to meet the needs
of every swimmer.

Our unique 1:1 private swim lessons will get your beginner swimmer
off to a fast and confident start in the water.


Tiny Bubbles

Infant & Toddler

BD Elite

5 – 18 Years

Learn to Swim

2 – 7 Years

BD Adult


Intermediate Swim

4 – 12 Years

Westminster Waves

Blue Dolphin believes that firm guidance, earned trust, and gentle nurturing
enable students at our swimming school to develop and progress
through the skills necessary for a lifetime of aquatic enjoyment.

My daughter has been taking lessons since she was 4 months old and is super confident in the pool and loves swimming!

Kirsten McKay

We love it, the kids love it and their swimming coach Josh is amazing. The kids have learned so much. Thank you Blue Dolphin!

Rachel Santiago

AWESOME instructors. Both of my girls are at very different levels and both love going to swim class every week!

Schuyler Minckler

He's only TWO! My son took lessons from Stacy at Blue Dolphin Swim School and it was one of the best investments I've made for my children.

Christina Feddema

My 4-year-old son was so afraid of water and swimming pools. After being recommended to Blue Dolphin, you should see him swim now! He's so comfortable and relaxed in the water.

Stacey Mari